Licensed Professional Engineer


August 1986:

Master of Science in Civil Engineering
San Jose State University
Concentration in Structures and Applied Mechanics

May 1981:

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
San Jose State University
Concentration in Structures and Applied Mechanics

May 1975:

Surprise Valley High School
Cedarville, California



Destructive and non-destructive testing services to determine the physical properties of materials, structural elements and assemblies.

The investigation of the laws, phenomena and forces of nature.

Specialties include test instrumentation, data acquisition and analysis.

Services provided include strain measurement, fatigue testing, measurement of vibration, strength, stiffness, force, pressure, temperature, acceleration, velocity, rotation, coefficient of friction, etc.

Design and fabrication of unique laboratory test apparatuses, development of test procedures and supervision or observation of tests.

As a member of the faculty at San Jose State University, extensive laboratory, support facilities and personnel are available by contract with the University. Portable test and measurement equipment is available.


Expert services for both the defense and the plaintiff provided in construction defect, structural design error, and personal injury litigation.

Testimony at trial in cases related to design, construction defect, automobile accident, and slip/trip and fall cases.

Testimony in regard to gait and fall mechanics, national standards and code interpretation and application, etc.

Testimony in regard to the forces and phenomena of nature.

Safety engineering in regard to constructed works, construction sites, railings, walkways, ramps and stairways.

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